Ken Moreau witnessed a horror scene Monday afternoon in Amqui: the driver in a pickup truck was speeding towards a family and two elderly people. A tragic event engraved in his memory.

“I was seconds away from dying,” says Ken Moreau. His voice quivers on the line. He catches his breath and continues his story.

He was coming out of a dentist appointment on Monday around 3 p.m. Her day changed from a quiet afternoon to a traumatic experience.

The horrific images he witnessed replay in his head. “It wasn’t accidentally run over pedestrians. [The driver] never braked or tried to avoid them. He was going full throttle. He was rushing at everyone. »

The vehicle arrived when it was about to cross the sidewalk. “The little family behind me got hit. There was a little girl in a stroller and a child on foot. I saw everyone getting hit,” he recounts, shaken.

There were two elderly people behind him, the two toddlers and a woman who seemed to be their mother, continues the resident of Amqui. Ahead of him, a man who appeared to be in his 50s was also hit by the truck.

Mr. Moreau “feels lucky” to have had the reflex to take to his heels in a fraction of a second.

The driver was driving at full speed, described Mr. Moreau.

“I didn’t see him scream or speak. He seemed to me in possession of his faculties. He looked like any driver, except he was going really fast and in the direction of people who were walking, ”describes Mr. Moreau.

He saw the truck again a few minutes after the driver hit passers-by. “I ran after it to take a picture of the license plate. That’s all I could do. I am lucky to be here to tell this. »