The coal Commission the government wants to respond to consumers and producers, when the Coal phase-out. This is evident from the proposals of the panel available to the German press Agency and the news Agency Reuters. Consumers are climbs protected from power price and power plant operators to compensate.

“It is to create a balance, the enterprises and private households to increase from the current price relieved of the politically accelerated reduction and termination of the coal-fired power generation”, – is said in the 133-page paper. The whole of the coal Commission is to decide the concept on Friday.

German industry fears for a rapid phase-out of coal, an increase in electricity prices, especially to 2022 the last nuclear power plants go from the network. It has therefore requires compensation. The Commission provides this for both the industry as well as for private consumers.

the operator of the coal-fired power plants should receive in the case of a premature switching-Off of compensation: “The Commission recommends that, to achieve the implementation of a mutual agreement on a contractual basis with the operators in terms of shutdowns.” The amounts should decrease with the age of the power plants.

Open is in the paper, however, the time of the last power plant to be closed. A detailed timetable and a final date will be decided on Friday. The structural change in the coal regions in the Rhineland and in the East of Germany is to be supported with billion-dollar funds from the Federal government.

In the Commission representatives of industry, unions, academia and environmental organizations to sit. Your task is to develop a Plan for the Coal phase-out. Currently, almost 40 percent of electricity from coal are still produced. With the decision to found a settlement, which must implement the Federal government then.