The Official Opposition at Montreal City Hall is asking the Plante administration to reverse its decision to expand the hours charged for street parking in the heart of Montreal.

These elected officials oppose the extension until 11 p.m. (compared to the current 9 p.m.) of the operation of parking meters in the city center, as decided by the municipal administration last December.

“The administration deserves a ticket for the way it manages parking hours,” opposition leader Aref Salem said at a press conference in Philips Square. “She tried to pass one quickly to Montrealers, to the people of Montreal. »

In mid-April, the Plante administration recognized that the extension of paid hours had been decided too quickly and without an official announcement.

“When we put measures in place, it is well attached, we make a communication plan, we consult the partners”, had recognized the mayor to the municipal council. ” This has not been done. And that’s a problem in this case. »

In the same breath, it announced a two-week moratorium on the application of the new operating schedule for parking meters. These two weeks have passed for a few days.

Mr. Salem is now asking the Mayor and her team to bring parking rates back to City Council “to reinstate the pricing schedules” to those of 2022.

Valérie Plante’s cabinet did not immediately react to the official opposition’s exit.