(Washington) Donald Trump accused French President Emmanuel Macron of “licking the ass” of his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping after his visit to Beijing, during an interview broadcast on Tuesday.

Emmanuel Macron is under fire after his remarks calling on the European Union not to “follow” America or China on the Taiwan issue, made after his stay in Asia.

“Macron, who is a friend, is with China licking his ass,” said the former US president in an interview with Fox News, referring to the Chinese leader.

Donald Trump has accused the administration of his successor Joe Biden of having significantly weakened the leadership of the United States on the international stage, to the point of losing the support of its traditional allies.

“You have this crazy world, exploding everywhere, and the United States has absolutely no say,” assured Donald Trump.

“I was like, ‘Okay! France is going to China now!” “, confided the billionaire.

The Biden administration had sought Monday to play down the controversy, saying the United States had a “tremendous bilateral relationship” with France.

Faced with the outcry, the Élysée defended the position of the French president, believing that Europe “must be able to make its unique voice heard”.