The Volkswagen group appears to be preventing the retrofitting of diesel vehicles, the emission standard 5 on the basis of the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) provided technical guidelines. According to information of the mirror of the car manufacturer, the support changeover companies in the design of appropriate systems to refuses. You could not “support the developments of the Hardware rebuilder for reasons of liability,” said VW at the request of the news magazine and the Bavarian radio. To the financing of the retrofit for the VW to 3,000 Euro per Car promised wool to hold onto.

companies that offer a retrofit with a so-called SCR System, you must demonstrate to the satisfaction of starting in January, the vehicles after the procedure, launching more than 270 milligrams of nitrogen oxides per Kilometer. The technology of the SCR catalyst is based on the fact that urea is injected in solution into the exhaust gas. The liquid is used up, there must be “a clear visual or audible signal” in the car, – stated in the Directive.

Volkswagen advises against its customers also after the announcement of the policies of a Hardware upgrade by a third-party provider. “All of us previously well-known concepts have disadvantages for our customers, such as more fuel consumption and increased CO2 emissions and partly also power reduction,” said VW development chief Frank Welsch. Also not all Euro-5-vehicles retrofitting. Would add, that even after a tag, some models do not the required benchmark of 270 milligrams per kilometre would fall short of to be so out of a possible break-in prohibited except.

VW argues that the lasting functional reliability of the technology is not guaranteed. Also, there is until now no evidence about the ex post interventions in the control system, the components and the vehicle architecture in continuous operation, long-term impact.