The US authorities want to move in connection with the exhaust gas scandal, now four Manager of the VW subsidiary, Audi for accountability. The men in the lawsuit are accused of writing, in twelve cases of conspiracy, fraud and violations of American environmental laws. The charges were levied by a Grand Jury in the U.S. state of Michigan.

the four men are former high-ranking executives. They had been at the VW subsidiary Audi in Germany for the engine development and had recognised that they could not meet the exhaust emission standards in the face of Audi design. Then the men would have been involved for almost ten years on a plot that the environmental authority carried out by means of manipulation around the emission tests behind the light. Affected tens of thousands of vehicles, including the Audi Q7, Audi A6 quattro and the Audi A7 quattro.

None of the four defendants is in US custody, said a spokesman for the Department of justice in Washington. The authorities assumed that they were in Germany. A VW spokesman said that the company is acting further on the investigations of the Ministry, would not comment on individual cases but.

the latest charges will have to answer a total of 13 employees of the Group in the exhaust gas affair in court. The former Audi boss Rupert Stadler was detained in June because of the risk of collusion on a provisional basis. In October 2018, he came under the requirements of the remand. Him vehicles, fraud in the sale of diesel with a modified exhaust gas cleaning accused.

Volkswagen pleaded 2016 for guilty, to have vehicles for many years with the Cheat software. The Software ensured that the limit values for exhaust gases has not been complied with on the test bench, but on the road. The group intends to pay fines and costs Compare in the action method in the total amount of around 30 billion dollars.

Audi accepted in October 2018, to pay a fine in the amount of 800 million euros, which was imposed by the Munich public Prosecutor’s office because of the Manipulation of diesel engines.