The FDP has criticised the planned increase in the letter postage through Deutsche Post. Together with the Federal government, the Post office was pursuing a “self-service mentality,” said the economic policy spokesman of the FDP, Reinhard Houben. It was inappropriate that the Ministry of economic Affairs wants to change a regulation for the benefit of higher income for the Post. “Since the Federal government has its own interests more in view than the interests of consumers.”

With his criticism Houben is responding to a new regulation of the Federal government, with the help of which you would like to make an assessment of the Federal network Agency as a lever. The regulatory authority had granted Deutsche Post a price range from 70 cents to around 80 cents per letter. But that was not enough the company, which is why it is threatened with removal. The Ministry of economy announced a new regulation, according to which the postage could be increased for a letter in the future with more than 90 cents.

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in addition to the FDP, had revolted also competitors of the Post, as well as letter-major customers, the intention of the Post. A working group of countries for the post-policy described the planned adaptation of the post-pay regulation fast-tracked as “not appropriate”. With a view to increasing complaints about the Post at the network Agency will be noted that a substantial postage increase would bump into the Public with little understanding.

Each year, the amount of the sent letters is reduced by two to three percent. In June, Deutsche Post will increase the postage – how much cents is, however, still unclear. Post chief Executive Frank Appel had rejected the criticism of his increase in plans last. A household in Germany spend, on average, only EUR 2.34 per month for postage, he said. An increase in the Portos won’t a private meet customers.