about two weeks before Christmas, there will be Delays in the whole of Germany and -default. The railway and transport Union (EVG) has announced nationwide Strikes starting on Monday, travelers and commuters should expect on Monday morning from 5 to 9 p.m., with restrictions. A spokesman for the EDC said the walkout will tracks on both S -, Regional -, and long-distance transport and the freight railroad. The impact would drag on well into the day. Regional priorities, he could not call.

According to information from trade Union circles of the strike, both S to meet trains as well as the Regional and long – distance transport. You will not be limited to only a few sections or S-Bahn or local trains exclude, it said. It would set priorities in individual regions.

The Deutsche Bahn, will be North Rhine-above all-Westphalia affected. The strike will have an impact, but also nationally. On the Website of the train ride guests can view, what are the trains affected by the strike, as soon as concrete information is available.

I want more

had aborted on Saturday, the collective bargaining agreement with the Deutsche Bahn in Hannover, Germany. The hoped-for breakthrough in the dispute over the wage increase of 7.5 per cent had failed to do so. ECG negotiator Regina Rusch-Ziemba said that the Railways have proposed a postponement until Tuesday. “That’s not for us to question.” They also criticised that the web of wool is a term of the contract of 29 months, while the ECG was 24 months. The toe also requires that for two years already-existing choice model, will be expanded. The employee can choose whether you want more money, or alternatively, more holidays and less working hours per week.

The railway spoke of a “completely unnecessary escalation”. You’ve put a package in volume of a total of seven percent. To leave “with this offer, the negotiating table is not traceable and insecure, totally unnecessary, our customers in the middle of the Christmas season,” said chief of staff Martin Seiler. On Sunday, the group appealed in a letter to the EDC, the negotiations to resume.

The trade Union has announced, however, to only in the case of a better offer to negotiate. “We hope that the railway Board has understood the signals, otherwise, further Strikes are not ruled out,” said EDC spokesman Uwe Reitz.

Higher ticket prices, more trains

Due to lack of staff, lack of trains, as well as bottlenecks in the network were the long-distance trains last anyway often too late. Almost a third of all ICE and IC came too late. The punctuality target of 80 per cent can reach the railway in accordance with their own plans until 2025.

second Sunday of advent, the prices are on the rise also, with the change of the timetable of the Deutsche Bahn. The price increase had already been almost two months ago announced. In the long-distance transport ride to be announced tickets at full price (Flex price), on average, 1.9 percent more expensive, such as the railway.

Because there are a lot of special offers and discounts, the price level, according to the calculations of the group, but by only 0.9 percent. Train in regional traffic across boundaries of the transport systems is 1.5 percent more expensive trips to an average of.

The track with the timetable change on major routes, but also more trains and the ICE 4, the latest Generation of the high-speed train. So run now, for example, on the route Berlin – Munich five instead of the previous three sprint trains per day. The modern ICE 4 travel between Düsseldorf and Stuttgart, where there are three further trips per day. More trains run between Hamburg and Cologne. The Thuringia Gera is connected to the Intercity network, three times a day it goes to Kassel or Cologne. New is a direct connection between Berlin and Vienna. Also in regional transport, the offer should be improved.

“The number of new trains can be seen on one Hand,” criticized, however, by the group chief of the Greens, Anton Hofreiter. Am needed a restart for the web. The Federal government and the railway Board have to finish “the fragmented Jurisdictional Chaos of many small subsidiaries.” The only way the rail network and the car’s range could be quickly brought back into.