Deutsche Bahn has registered in the first ten months of this year, already almost 2,000 violent Attacks on its employees. From January until the end of October, the group was one of 1.981 body injuries, such as from a reply of the Federal Ministry of the interior on a request of the Left group in the Bundestag. In the case of other railway companies there were in the same period, according to which around 140 acts of violence.

In 2015, the Bahn AG had to be counted, according to the still 1.876 bodily injury to your employees. In the following years, the Numbers have increased significantly: in 2016, there were 2.374 Attacks in the past year, 2.550.

warning-anger and frustration

The Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bahn AG, Alexander Kirchner, has warned in view of the numerous delays and technical problems prior to growing frustration among the employees. “Not a few think It is anyway not better. Many colleagues have lost hope,” said the head of the Union toe the editorial network in Germany. “The colleagues in the trains and at the stations, are faced with the anger of the passengers of delays directly. You must be able to justify permanent for problems they have caused, nor prevented.”

most Recently, the long-distance trains, the Railways were again more often too late. The punctuality rate in November amounted to 70.4 per cent. “Only 70 per cent, of punctuality – in the past was the exception, now it is almost the rule,” said Kirchner. The railway had been driven through years of wear. There is capacity in the infrastructure, the trains and the staff were missing. “The result is that the System tilts gradually,” says Kirchner.

“Wrong policy choices”

The Supervisory Board, in addition to the current Board to train chief Richard Lutz, and its predecessors, the Federal government also have a responsibility. “The policy is responsible for the desolate state we have now: it has failed over the years, the necessary funds for the modernization of the infrastructure.”

The Green transport policy Matthias Gastel accused the CSU, the crisis of the railway due to incorrect political decisions essential to the fault. “It is not enough to instruct the DB with a structure of reform and leave in the railway policy or else everything,” said Gastel the German press Agency. The CSU since 2009 the Minister of transport. The state is represented as the owner of the track also in the Supervisory Board and controls the path management significantly.

Green: Scheuer, a “master of the Approximate”

Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) had prompted the Deutsche Bahn in the face of many problems to rapid improvements for passengers. “We need a citizen’s railway, which is worthy of the name – namely, that we be punctual, that we offer better Service”, Scheuer said. The quality must rise in rail travel in the new year as soon as possible. Also, with the processes in the state-owned group, there needed to be improvements.

The Minister will criticized the theme track to “master of the Approximate,” the Green politician Gastel. “After the ‘Wow-effect’ introduces shy with the ‘citizens’ rail ‘ is a new phrase.” With the reality of this have to do after nine years of CSU’s transport policy is less and less, he said.