Deutsche Bahn has shortly before Christmas limited in your payment options when purchasing online tickets. Background according to the group “strengthened fraudulent activities”. Rail customers can pay until Further notice, no saver fare Tickets by direct debit if you book on and in the DB Navigator.

“We have taken this measure to protect our customers and apologize for the inconvenience,” said a spokesman for the Deutsche Bahn. “We work with high pressure because our Services are so quickly as possible, as usual.” A time-frame the company is not called.

This price is based on saving-Tickets can be cancelled. Since 1. August will be incurred for a cancellation ten Euro fee. The rest of the amount is output as the reversal voucher that can be used for a new ticket purchase. The reversal voucher is a seven-digit Code that is valid for three years and in travel centres and DB agencies, at ticket machines or on can be redeemed.

At this point, the scammers have set, so the investigating Federal police. “At the present time, it is assumed that as yet unidentified perpetrator of a previously unknown channel of credit card data and/or account data.” This data would have used the scammers to buy “online tickets in the low price segment”. “In the currently known cases, it is also high-priced bookings to the value of up to 2,500 euros depending on the route,” the Federal police.

The mesh of the cheater: cheated online tickets you cancelled and then the cancellation of vouchers by Mail. “According to the current state of the coupons in the connection are offered for sale and sold,” by the Federal police.

No web-accounts

According to a railway spokesperson, the cases of fraud are based “on the so-called Phishing-E-Mails”. Apparently, the offender had gained access to email Accounts through the “forgot password”-Option on new passwords are sent and Login of existing customers. The railway emphasises: “it is Very important: There is no – and the DB Navigator were hacked accounts.”

how many fraud cases, is open. “Customers unjustified high charges for the tickets from your account, then you should let the direct debit through your Bank, and immediately in contact with us”, the railway. “We don’t want to, of course, that the customers, due to this fraudulent activity of any damage.” In addition, the track recommends a complaint with the police.

The company is already seeing success of his own strategy: “our counter-measures in the fraud cases have been curbed massively.” In addition, the cheated coupons “are worthless, because we have this locked”. In August, the introduced procedure of the cancellation-repayment of the Deutsche Bahn wants to maintain, however.