Detective Bryan Gillis Calls Out Scottie Scheffler’s Attorney for Dismissing Charges

Detective Bryan Gillis, the officer who arrested golf star Scottie Scheffler outside Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, has spoken out against comments made by Scheffler’s attorney, Steve Romines, following the dismissal of charges. Gillis, who sustained visible injuries to his knees and wrist during the incident, commended Scheffler for his behavior but expressed disappointment in Romines’ remarks.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Gillis addressed the situation, emphasizing that he was “dragged by the car” and detailing the injuries he suffered. Despite acknowledging Scheffler’s conduct as respectful, Gillis took issue with Romines’ insinuations about the arrest.

Romines had hinted at the possibility of a lawsuit for the alleged “false arrest” of Scheffler, the world’s top golfer. Gillis found these implications concerning and took to social media to address the matter directly.

Furthermore, Gillis drew attention to the exorbitant cost of the department-mandated pants, which were damaged during the altercation. He expressed disbelief at the accusations made by Romines and hoped that Scheffler was not involved in questioning his integrity.

In conclusion, Detective Bryan Gillis stands by his actions during the arrest of Scottie Scheffler and remains firm in his stance against the attorney’s comments. Despite the challenges faced, Gillis maintains his professionalism and looks forward to moving past this incident.