In April of this year, the number of illegal border crossings rose significantly. The federal police even fear that the previous year’s figure will be exceeded next month.

There are said to have been 7,521 illegal entries in April of this year – around 450 more than in the previous month. As early as May, the value could be higher than in the same month last year because, according to the Federal Police, the number of cases continues to rise, reports “Bild”.

The number of cases is increasing despite the stationary border controls that have now been introduced, which were actually considered successful: Last year, over 35,000 migrants were turned away at the German border; the year before there were only around 25,000 turned away. Nevertheless, there were over 127,000 unauthorized entries in 2023, more than twice as many as two years earlier.

Just four weeks after border controls were introduced, police were pleased to have arrested more than 250 criminal smugglers and hundreds of drug smugglers in November last year. At that time, around 4,800 people were prevented from entering the country or had their stay terminated.