Former Montreal mayor Denis Coderre suffered a stroke from which he is currently recovering.

This is what he announced on Monday afternoon on his Facebook page.

After experiencing several symptoms such as loss of balance and vomiting in the previous days, then finally “speech problems” and “numbness” on the left side, he says he decided to go to the hospital. Jewish general, in Montreal on Saturday.

“They take care of me immediately Thank God!” ! ! Result: I had a slight stroke and extended my stay at the Jewish,” he posted on Facebook, adding that “given that journalists were already searching, I wanted to tell you directly”.

“Stroke is an unplanned and urgent health problem that must be detected and treated early. Its cause, similar to that of myocardial infarction, is the result of a decrease in the blood supply to the heart or to the brain”, specifies the government of Quebec on its website.

In Quebec, about 20,000 people a year suffer a stroke, we add.

Unfortunately, 66% of people do not arrive at the hospital in time to receive the appropriate treatment, which results in their death or causes their sequelae. It is estimated that 130,000 people who have had a stroke live with both psychological and physical sequelae in the province.

Hence the importance of knowing the symptoms and signs: a sagging face, speech problems or an inability to raise one of his two arms, among others.