There is simply no rest in the “world”. After the great excitement about a guest post on the subject of transgender people, there is a discussion about Marina Ovsyannikova. The journalist, 43, known for her protests about the Ukraine invasion on Russian television, has been working as a correspondent from Russia and Ukraine for “Welt” since mid-April. A demonstration was held on Tuesday in front of the Axel Springer publishing house against the “employment of the “former Russian state TV employees at ‘Welt’”.

Apparently, the journalist does not believe that she has renounced Putin’s propaganda. In early March, Ovzyannikova held up a protesting poster against Russia’s attack on Ukraine on the main news program of Russian state television: “Stop the war. Don’t believe the propaganda. Here you will be lied to”. She shouted: “No to the war!” Ukrainian activists are not convinced, they demand that Ovsyannikova be released.

“Before the offer to work as a freelance correspondent for ‘Welt’, ‘Welt’ naturally dealt intensively with Marina Owsjannikova’s vita and exchanged views with her about her motives and political views,” says a company spokeswoman for the Tagesspiegel on Wednesday. This also includes her previous work at the Russian state broadcaster.

Meanwhile, the Uhlala Group, which founded the Springer publishing house after that controversial guest article in the world of the queer job fair “Sticks

Since the publication of the “opinion piece,” different actors and people, including the federal government’s queer commissioner, Sven Lehmann, have expressed and positioned themselves. “From our point of view, too, the contribution at issue in the debate can hardly be understood as an expression of an ‘opinion’.”

He suggests that what was said there is “scientifically proven” and therefore “recognized facts”. “In addition, the views it contains are full of disparagement towards LGBTIQ people, especially trans people, and misanthropic. From our point of view, legitimizing this as a mere expression of opinion is problematic.”

Conclusion of the article: The “opinion article” in the “world” was also (…) a blow for all LGBTIQ employees of the Axel Springer publishing house. “This internal tension should be resolved within the company. But not by participating in our job and career fair this year.”