German citizens have paid the state this year, a record sum for the repayment of its debt. As the Finance Ministry confirmed, on request of the FDP parliamentary group, went between the 1. January and 6. December 2018, a total of 609.822,69 Euro to the special account of the Ministry of Finance.

This amount is higher than all voluntary Transfers made between the opening of the account in 2006 and the end of the year 2017. In the period of civil 554.741 had paid 66 euros on the debt repayment account of the Federal government. In the years 2008 and 2009, no Transfers were received at all. Already last may 600.218 euros, so almost the entire total for 2018 were distributed to 16 individual donations transferred to the account

The debt repayment account was established in the year 2006 “at the request of many dedicated citizens”, – stated in the Letter of the Ministry of Finance. It will, however, made no advertising for it, because they wanted to not compete with non-profit institutions or Associations. “The financing of the Federal budget of the state is not dependent on donations, and he should not give this impression, also through active Promote for donations,” it says. Who pays on the account that gets neither a letter, nor a receipt for the donation. The Transfers can not be used as a donation tax deductible, because they serve according to the Ministry, “not non-profit purposes in the meaning of the tax law”.

The government wants to collect, despite a balanced budget without new borrowing continue to be a citizen of money to pay off the debts. According to the Ministry of Finance, there were no other Considerations, the account to resolve.