Corrie Legend Simon Barlow Quits Weatherfield After 16 Years, Leaving Furious Family Behind

A beloved character from Coronation Street is set to bid farewell to Weatherfield next week, leaving his family in turmoil. Simon Barlow, portrayed by Alex Bain, will be departing from the cobbles after a remarkable 16-year run.

Leanne, his mother, returns from a retreat only to discover that Simon is leaving to live with his father, blaming Nick for the unexpected decision. Little does Simon know, Leanne is still under the influence of a deceptive cult leader, Rowan Cunliffe, masquerading as a mentor.

As Simon announces his plans to join Peter on his yacht, Leanne is left feeling betrayed by the lack of consultation. In a heated confrontation, she accuses Nick of colluding with Toyah behind her back, leading to a tense exchange of words between the characters.

Despite Nick’s efforts to unveil the truth about the cult, Leanne remains steadfast in her beliefs, causing further tension within the family dynamic. As the storyline unfolds, viewers are left questioning Leanne’s vulnerability to the manipulative tactics of the cult leader.

Fans of the show have expressed their frustrations with Leanne’s decisions, taking to social media platforms to voice their discontent. With emotions running high, the future of the Barlow family hangs in the balance as they navigate through this challenging chapter.

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