(London) At odds with the royal family, Prince Harry, youngest son of Charles III, arrived discreetly at Westminster Abbey on Saturday for the coronation ceremony, where he took his place with his cousins, not far from his brother William.

The palace confirmed on Saturday that Harry and Andrew, brother of the king already deprived of public engagement, would have no official role at the coronation.

The Duke of Sussex (Harry) and the Duke of York (Andrew) are no longer working members of the royal family, the first since leaving the United States voluntarily with his wife Meghan in 2020, while the second fell into disgrace after sexual assault charges.

Harry confirmed only a few weeks ago that he would be coming to the ceremony. Since then, his arrival, and in particular his place in the abbey, have given rise to a great deal of speculation in the British media.

It is the first time Harry has appeared with the royal family since the publication in January of his explosive autobiography, The Substitute, in which he particularly criticized his brother William, the heir to the throne, described as hot-tempered, and his step- mother, Camille.

He notably evokes an argument in 2019, during which William would have thrown him to the ground in the dog bowl.

Prince Harry appeared relaxed at Westminster Abbey, with his decorations on his dark jacket, chatting on his arrival in particular with his cousin Beatrice.

He took his place in the third row, next to Jack Brooksbank, the husband of Princess Eugenie, and behind Princess Anne, the king’s sister. His brother William is in the front row with his wife Kate and their children.

Harry came without his wife Meghan, who remained in California where they live with their two children.

According to several British media, Harry arrived in London on Friday, but should leave soon after the ceremony, in order to celebrate the fourth birthday of his eldest son Archie.

Andrew was also placed third. He was booed by people outside Buckingham early in the morning, according to the British news agency PA.

While Harry and Andrew took part in the funeral procession behind Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin in Westminster Abbey after her death in September, this time Harry and Andrew will not walk behind the royal couple in the cortege that will escort them back to the Buckingham Palace after the ceremony.

There is a stark contrast between Harry’s place and the role given to William, who as heir to the throne knelt and pledged allegiance to the monarch during the ceremony.

Andrew is now used to keeping a low profile, banned from any official public appearance and deprived of his military titles in early 2022 after accusations of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl, a case he settled with a financial agreement.

Her presence soon after on the arm of the queen, accompanying her to Westminster Abbey for a service in tribute to her father, Prince Philip, who died last year, had sparked criticism.