Denmark wants to backfill in the South of Copenhagen, nine artificial Islands to attract companies. Industry Minister Rasmus Jarlov said that there is “always a need for the manufacture of products of everyday life”. However, there were more and more problems. The affected areas in both office and industrial areas as well as the housing market.

the project Holmene will be one of the largest, most sustainable and most innovative industry in the North of Europe areas are created, informed the Danish government. 12,000 jobs are to be created on the Islands. You should include a total area of three million square meters. The amount of the cost of the project remained unclear.

Built the artificial Islands will be from 2022 to 2040 in the South of Copenhagen close to the airport. First pieces of land to be sold 2028. “It is extremely important that we work to strengthen the framework conditions for growth and development in the capital region,” said Jarlov. The project is an engine of growth for the whole of Denmark. It is planned to attract approximately 380 companies.

Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen had already been presented at the beginning of October plans for a huge artificial island, which increase the surface area of Copenhagen and the city from storm surges and rising sea levels. The new island with the name of the project, Lynette Holmen will offer in some decades, housing for 35,000 people. The project Holmene it was, however, a purely economic project, said Jarlov. Copenhagen has already faces several man-made land, among other things, in the area of the North harbour and the island of Amager to the East.