Consumer Watchdog Halts Sale of Hazardous Amber Teething Jewellery

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has taken decisive action to stop the sale of dangerous amber teething jewellery that poses serious risks to infants and small children. Despite being marketed as a remedy for teething pain, these products have been found to have the potential to choke or strangle young children.

Retailers and distributors have been instructed to immediately withdraw these hazardous products from sale, both in-store and online. The CCPC has urged the public to report any sightings of these products being sold to ensure that they are removed from the market.

According to the CCPC, there is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of amber teething jewellery in reducing teething pain. The risk of strangulation and choking far outweighs any perceived benefits of these products. Dr. Abigail Collins of the HSE emphasized that there are safer alternatives available for soothing teething discomfort, such as teething rings and sugar-free teething gel.

In light of these safety concerns, consumers are advised to be vigilant and report any instances of these hazardous products being sold. The CCPC and HSE are working together to raise awareness about the dangers of amber teething jewellery and ensure that children are kept safe from harm.

As the sale of these products is halted, parents and caregivers are reminded to prioritize the safety of their children by avoiding the use of any cords, strings, or chains around their necks. Keeping small objects like beads away from babies and young children is crucial to preventing accidents and injuries.

The swift action taken by the consumer watchdog serves as a reminder of the importance of product safety and the need for vigilance when it comes to children’s products. By staying informed and reporting any potential hazards, consumers can help protect the well-being of their families and prevent unnecessary risks.