online-party services need to keep in the EU in the future, to new transparency rules. Thus, consumers should be in online trading better protected. A Reform has been decided by the European Parliament. It provides, for example, rules for online reviews of the products or services provider, such as Amazon, eBay or must disclose how the Ranking for your offers.

consumer should be able to recognize that some of the recommendations on online market places or travel portals are listed, therefore, at the very top, because the vendors have paid the highest commissions. “This is clearly advertising, and it must be marked as such”, said the SPD-consumer protection expert, Evelyne Gebhardt.

Internet provider must also specify whether you are using Algorithms with personalized ads or prices. Customers who are shopping on Online marketplaces, should be informed better about whether or not you do business with a dealer or a private person. Consumers should be on an EU-wide entitlement to compensation or to terminate an agreement, if you have been a victim of unfair business practices – from aggressive or misleading advertising.

penalties for violations

For serious violations of the rights of consumers provided for fines up to a maximum of four percent of the annual turnover of a company. A company does not disclose its revenue, he faces a lump-sum fine of two million euros.

the new rules were agreed by Parliament’s negotiators and the member countries in advance. You still need to be formally approved by the Council of the EU, which should happen soon. Subsequently, the governments have two years to put the Directive into national law. Four existing consumer protection directives of the Internet age.

The European Parliament demanded ban on the Marketing of different quality standards for products of the same brand of the EU member States failed, however, to the resistance. The Parliament wanted to ensure that about a chocolate spread or fish sticks of the same brand in the EU are the same.