Svenja Appuhn, co-spokesperson for the Green Youth, wants to ban the construction of superyachts and private jets in Germany. But in all her commitment against the evil “super-rich”, she forgets one important aspect.

“The envious people die, but envy never dies,” Moliere already knew 400 years ago. He was right. Envy is widespread in Germany. The political left is trying to benefit from this.

Juso boss Philipp Türmer and Svenja Appuhn, co-spokeswoman for the Green Youth, proved this this week on “Lanz”. The young socialist wants to “make 226 millionaires” out of the 226 billionaires in Germany, banning the young Greens from building superyachts and private jets in Germany.

Whatever one’s opinion on these proposals, such ideas can only be realized in a socialist, planned economy system.

To do this, the state would have to intervene very deeply in the economic process. He would also have to start an expropriation program on a communist scale.

From the Green Party spokeswoman’s point of view, “a not irrelevant part of society’s resources is wasted on nonsense” in Germany. She counts the construction of superyachts and private jets as nonsense: “What nonsense.”

From Appuhn’s point of view, the employees of aircraft and yacht shipyards “would be in great hands somewhere else.” The state would therefore have to close certain businesses and assign other jobs to the laid-off employees. In socialism that meant putting it to productive use.

This raises the question of what the workers and engineers laid off by the state should do. Should they all become geriatric nurses or public sector employees? Well, an all-powerful state would think of something.

Of course, a government can ban the production of certain goods. But what if the evil “super-rich” buy their ships and planes abroad? Then the state must prohibit them from launching or launching them here.

But what happens if foreign managers want to land in Germany on a private plane? Then they would have to be consistently denied permission to land.

That would not make international business relations for Germany, an export nation, any easier. But one can assume that Appuhn doesn’t really care.

Their goal is: “That we as a society should decide a little more about where we want to use our workforce as a resource.”

The student Appuhn, who has little knowledge of the real economy, overlooks one thing: that we would quickly end up in a planned economy.

Perhaps the young Green hopefuls should talk to older politicians on the left about where it will lead if the use of the “resource” labor is centrally regulated. Or watch films that show the GDR in all its planned economy shabbyness before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989/90.

If the leading figures of the Green Youth and the Young Socialists were to play a role in their respective parties in the future, they would quickly find common ground in the fight against the rich. More government and more redistribution – the “adults” in the SPD and the Greens are already very close to each other on this point.

Juso boss Türmer has previously described billionaires as “rich parasites”. Anyone who talks like that probably suspects that they will never become a particularly successful and therefore rich entrepreneur. Türmer can hardly hope for a large inheritance.

This motivates the redistribution campaign. Turmer “I would like to turn the 226 billionaires we have in Germany into 226 millionaires.” It probably went like this: If you have 10 billion, you have 10 million left, and out of 5 billion you have 5 million left.

A Chancellor Turmer would become a hero in left-wing circles with such measures. Because his plan would be the most radical expropriation program ever implemented in a constitutional state.

However, Türmer would have to hurry with his expropriation operation. If a red-green government were to seriously plan something like this, it would trigger a huge capital flight. Then suddenly not only would the evil billionaires be gone, but also their billions – and not least their tax payments.

You can dream of a red-green wonderland: with a ban on producing or using luxury goods of all kinds. And with a gigantic policy of expropriation.

You can also imagine the consequences: massive capital flight, an even greater relocation of companies abroad and, last but not least, significantly falling tax revenues.

Even if the young socialists and young greens who are keen on class struggle don’t want to admit it: nowhere in the world did the poor fare better when there were fewer rich people.

Even then, envy would not die out. Because in a classless society, the ruling caste of officials is envied – namely by the working people.