Comes with SARS will close in the room: the CPS explained to the hotels how to work after a pandemic

CPS has published guidelines for working during the spread of coronavirus to hotels, Inns, tourist camps and other places of temporary stay. In General, the rules are already familiar: the staff wears masks and gloves, to work allow only healthy, on the floor apply the markup. All the cafes and restaurants at the hotel comply with the rules for food service, the CPS updated a little earlier, swimming pools and gyms — recommendations for sports facilities.

There is, however, unusual details. For example, in hotels on a daily basis to measure the temperature are not only staff, but guests, and for symptoms of SARS — immediately inform the doctors. Before arrival of physicians of guests in the obligatory isolated. Have the hotels to give up the extra textile in the interior is recommended to get rid of the bedspreads and decorative pillows. And of course, everything needs to be disinfected. Moreover, the contact surfaces after each guest.