The trade Union ver.di calls on Wednesday to strike at the cash-in-transit companies. The Cash transactions in Germany would be disturbed thereby, “significantly,” announced the Union. Many banks and retailers would get after the holidays you do not have fresh cash, ATMs in the whole of Germany would not be refilled, many are after the holidays. “Hundreds of” cash-in-transit were affected by the walkout.

the industry is currently in collective bargaining. In so far, five rounds could be made to trade Union information, but so far no result. In the next talks on Thursday and Friday, the employer would need to submit a negotiated offer, demanded the Union. Otherwise, would extend the work stoppage.

Ver.di calls for the approximately 12,000 employees of the money – and the value of the industry to increase the hourly rate to 1.50 euros. In addition, the salaries in the East are to be aligned with those in the West. According to the Union, money counters and cash-in-transit driver in the East currently earn between 1,800 to 2,400 euros gross per month, in the West, it’s 2,200 to 2,900 euros.