The Irish low cost airline Ryanair has ver according to its own information with the Union.di in collective bargaining for its German cabin staff agreed. Ryanair said it had signed a collective agreement, Ver.di spoke, however, of a preliminary agreement

In the agreement, Ryanair recognise the validity of the German labour law for all stationed in Germany flight attendants and companions, and promise wage increases in the next two years, as the company announced. The Union members must now vote on the collective bargaining agreement.

parts of the cabin staff had last completed in September in several European countries – also in Germany – the work. Ver.di had justified the strike with the view of the insufficient offer of Ryanair’s. The Union wanted to clearly define the higher income in a collective bargaining agreement and work requested conditions in accordance with German law.

The strike had hit in Germany, especially the Berlin Schönefeld airport. 52 of 92 take-offs and landings had to be deleted. In the case of a previous strike wave of similar Dimension in August, Ryanair, Europe had taken about 400 flights to and from the program daily more than 2,400 Compounds. In Germany at that time, 150 flights had been canceled.

had Apparently announced as a response to the strike, the company in October to close the plant in Bremen and to reduce the size of the fleet in Weeze in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Ryanair is the largest low-cost airline in Europe. The machine to fly more than 200 airports in 40 countries and operate from 86 bases in Europe and North Africa. The highly profitable company employs according to their own figures, almost 15,000 people. In the financial year 2017/2018, the company made at 7.15 billion euros in sales, a profit of 1.45 billion euros.