The coal Commission of the German Federal government intends to recommend a shutdown of the first coal-fired power plants in the next four years, in consensus with industry. This is the first draft of a working group of the plurality of news agencies. It States: “to ensure a legally secure approach and effective climate policy impacts, the Commission recommends to 2022, in the result of shutdowns that occur, in agreement with the respective power plant operators.”

The Commission, with the official title of “growth, structural change and employment” aims to show a way how Germany could leave coal power generation. You should suggest in addition, emergency measures, so that the expected gap to the German climate protection target remains for 2020 is as low as possible. Of this, 40 percent less greenhouse gas compared to 1990 launch.

The paper, the working group recommends that “an amicable agreement as possible on a contractual basis with the operators”. The agreement should contain provisions “on possible compensation for the operator as well as rules on the socially responsible design of the exit”.

Unclear how much power from the grid

For the financing of the measures recommended “the necessary budgetary resources are made available,” the authors write: “A levy on the electricity price.” The draft does not yet contain any Figures, how many power plants for the climate protection should be turned off in a first step, up to the year 2022. The Commission as a whole wants to deal with it this Friday and to discuss the draft. The working group for the paper consisted of six members of the Commission, which included both the economy and the workers ‘ representatives and environmentalists. The Commission is expected to submit its final report, including an end date for the last coal-fired power plant by the end of the year.

How much the performance of lignite and hard coal – fired power plants is still a matter of debate – at the corresponding positions X. in the design, This also applies to the assessment of how many workers are affected by the measures and the impact of the measures on the value added in the coal regions.

the head of The mining Union IG BCE, Michael Vassiliadis, has warned against exaggerated claims. “A phasing-out of coal-fired power generation at the beginning of the 2040s is realistic,” said Vassiliadis, who is a member of the Commission. By 2022 and 2023, the coal capacity would reduce already beginning to be felt, because until then, more power plants were received from the network, both in the case of the brown – such as the coal.

environmental groups are calling for a faster exit. Vassiliadis criticized claims by the coal Commission, represented environmental groups, by 2022, around 16 gigawatts of power from lignite – and coal-fired power plants shut down. “This is a maximum of provocation. Including nearly 8 gigawatts of brown coal. This would mean an Immediate shutdown of brown coal, and deforestation in the workforce, and areas. This is not to do with us. We need realism in the debate.”