We have blown a lot of CO2 in the atmosphere, the day before yesterday, yesterday, and we are doing it today, so uninhibited, as it would always be a Tomorrow. For this, we need to take responsibility – for example, with the climate pass. Find at least the Green. In their just adopted the election program is to read: “Historically, the Western industrial countries are the main contributors to climate-damaging greenhouse gases. Therefore, the EU should go forward together with other developed countries and in the framework of a common scheme, the inhabitants of the threatened island States, through the climate crisis uninhabitable, climate passports.”

The idea goes back to the world-renowned German climate researcher Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, the founder and long-time Chairman of the Potsdam climate research Institute. Also, the Scientific Advisory Council of the government for global environmental changes (WBGU) has taken. The WBGU refers to the climate pass as a “key Instrument of a people’s climate policy”. In the policy paper presented to the WBGU, the environment Minister, Svenja Schulze (SPD), passed the summer, is to read, the climate passport “to offer of global warming, existentially threatened people the Option of access to, and the state of citizens with equal rights in a largely safe countries”.

We have to take not of 2015 recovering

If the causes of climate change responsibility, then this sounds reasonable. The idea of the climate pass, however, is rather crazy. Because so, your grandparents, your parents, and it produces mainly CO2, are you and your children people get to go to island States as neighbors?

This idea is likely to scare many – the Germans have not recovered even by the great hike in 2015, and already you see in your mind’s eye of countless people, the climate passport in Hand, across the border. Also the Green is likely to dawn on you that you will win with this programmatic requirement does not necessarily election campaigns. On demand, Ska Keller said the top candidate of the Greens for the European elections, the climate passport is rather symbolic. Besides, it was only a small number of people.

Small? How come you to this assessment? The following island States threatened as acutely by climate change: Tuvalu (12,000 inhabitants), Nauru (14.000), Kiribati (116.000), Vanuatu (267.000), Tokelau (1.500), Fiji (880.000), and the Solomon Islands (622.000) and the Carteret Islands (2.600) in the Pacific, the Maldives (344.000) in the Indian ocean, and the Bahamas (353.000) in the Caribbean – the power to 2.61 million people.

The criteria for climate passport are much to unclear

of Course, you can take the position that the 507 million inhabitants, was for the European Union (Brexit) is a no brainer. However, the Argument has failed to work in 2015. Rather, it has divided the EU like no event before it. In addition, only island States are threatened by climate change, including coastal regions, mega-cities such as Jakarta (10 million inhabitants) and the vast African tracts of land could be deserted as a result of climate change, while parts of the Middle East could be according to several studies, up to the year 2050 so hot, that they were virtually uninhabitable. The have taken into account the supporters of the climate passport of course. In the paper, the WBGU States: “in the medium term, the Pass is also massively threatened people of other States, including should be internally displaced persons. As a host country, States should engage with significant historical and current greenhouse gas emissions and, therefore, a great responsibility for climate change.”

These radical demands have made the Green. As it is at the Moment that look like they will rule in the not too distant time in Berlin, you would have to ever think about with which arguments you can to the many, many people who could leave these regions, the climate pass. Or the Green all the people whose lives are threatened foundations of the climate change issue, climate passport? It may be interesting.