At the UN climate change conference in Katowice has been blamed the Federal government for its climate change policy. Germany got on the sidelines of the conference, the negative price of the “Fossil of the day” of the international climate movement, Climate Action Network awarded. The network justified this with the refinement of the German climate select targets, the delayed Coal phase-out and the refusal to set more ambitious climate targets up to 2030 to support. “If Germany is not, as the largest European economy, is the whole of the EU-goals on the game,” reads the Website of the company.

The Federal government has already given its 2020 climate goals will not be met. For criticism also ensures that the Grand coalition has not yet presented a schedule for the phase-out of coal-fired power generation.

“The Federal government has not done its homework and now the worst possible score,” said the expert of the Federation for environment and nature conservation Germany (BUND) for international climate policy, Ann-Kathrin Schneider. The delay to the shutdown of coal-fired power plants, the climate activists upset in Katowice. Germany stand in the grubby corner. In order to cope with the climate crisis, should Germany turn off “quickly the dirtiest and oldest coal-fired power plants by 2030 from coal-fired power generation to get off.”

Also, the climate Alliance, a coalition of non-government organizations, announced that Germany will not be able to reach without a quick exit strategy from Coal to his goals.

The “Fossil of the day” is awarded during the climate change conference, a day, a country that has been marked by poor protection of the climate or destructive behavior during the negotiations. On Thursday, the Saudi Arabia and Kuwait led the Arab negotiating group had been awarded, prior to that, Brazil and Poland.