Climate protection – Greta Thunberg urges EU leaders to Act on climate activist Greta Thunberg has campaigned in Brussels to urge for climate protection. The EU must reduce its CO2 emissions by 2030 by at least 80 percent. © Photo: Virginia Mayo

The 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, the EU has asked to set higher goals in the reduction of CO2. The Swede, in the case of an EU event in Brussels, said European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. The community must reduce their CO2 emissions by 2030 by at least 80 percent, said Thunberg. The only way you could make a fair contribution to the implementation of the Paris climate agreement. The EU politicians would remain “as the greatest villains of all time in memory”, you should fail.

stay Still for around a decade, to set a course correction and more ambitious goals, said Thunberg. For the more ambitious climate objectives in the areas of aviation and shipping should be considered. “If we do not, then all our achievements and progress have been in vain.” Thunberg referred to warnings from the world climate Council, which include that the temperatures could rise by three or four degrees, should change nothing.

The young activist, not since the summer of 2018, every Friday in the school and demonstrates, instead, in front of the Parliament in the Swedish capital of Stockholm for the fight against climate change. She has been jeered in social networks, but also learn a lot of approval. Other young people of the world have organized to your model similar demonstrations.

The Thunberg criticized the Paris climate agreement, it was decided 2015 is the first international Treaty in which industrialized and emerging countries together to declare their greenhouse gas emissions. The goal is to limit the warming of the earth compared to the pre-industrial age, if possible, to a maximum of two degrees Celsius. The basis of the agreement of voluntary climate protection plans, which have submitted 190 countries to the conference. Even if you comply with all this promise – the Two-degree target would be missed, according to scientists, is still clear. Therefore, the agreement provides that States must submit by 2020 every five years, new or revised plans, in which you can improve your efforts. The USA under President Donald Trump are out of the climate agreement.