A local SPD politician is calling for Boris Pistorius to be nominated as candidate for chancellor in the 2025 federal election. He believes that he will give him a better chance of winning the election.

Although the SPD’s top candidate for the upcoming federal election has not yet been determined, Northern Saxony’s SPD parliamentary group leader Heiko Wittig spoke out in favor of Defense Minister Boris Pistorius’ candidacy in an interview with the “Tagesspiegel”. Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who is currently considered a candidate for 2025, is not the best choice.

Heiko Wittig, parliamentary group leader of the SPD in the North Saxony district, explained to the “Tagesspiegel” that Pistorius was very popular with the party base: “A lot of the SPD base says: Pistorius is clearly our number one.” Should the Defense Minister be against the CDU -boss Friedrich Merz, the Union’s current lead quickly melted away.

In Wittig’s eyes, with Pistorius as a candidate, the SPD would have “the best chance of winning the 2025 federal election.” The population also appreciates the Defense Minister’s modesty when it comes to the Chancellor’s question: “It was also well received by people that he recently said he didn’t have to do that. Pistorius has never been glued to his chair. People are enthusiastic about him,” Wittig told the “Tagesspiegel”

However, if Scholz should run, the local politician predicts “a rude awakening”. Despite Wittig’s call for a change of candidate, SPD leader Lars Klingbeil recently confirmed that Scholz should run again for the Social Democrats as their candidate for chancellor. However, an official freestyle is not due until summer 2025.

In an interview with the “Tagesspiegel”, Wittig also criticized the Chancellor’s leadership style: “Scholz is too calm. The Chancellor has the authority to make directives, but Scholz does not exercise it. To this day it has not even visibly prevailed.”

Pistorius, on the other hand, speaks clearly and appears determined: “People like that he appears tough,” says the local politician. Above all, his demand for more money for the Bundeswehr would be well received. Wittig sees this as a clear mandate for the Chancellor to take action.

In the ZDF’s current “Political Barometer” Pistorius is by far the number one in the opinion of the ten most important politicians in terms of likeability and performance. He is followed at a distance by Markus Söder (CSU), Friedrich Merz (CDU) and Robert Habeck (Bündnis90/The Greens).

Chancellor Olaf Scholz is currently only in fifth place in the opinion poll. Around 59 percent of those surveyed said that Olaf Scholz is currently doing his job “rather poorly”.

Sometimes the people stir and frighten the representatives. This is what happened with Hubertus Heil, Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs. On his table is a protest paper about citizens’ money, which 223 of a total of 294 district administrators have signed.

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