(New York) American justice announced on Monday the arrest of two suspects and the issuance of several dozen charges to counter clandestine operations of the Chinese police abroad, in particular a clandestine antenna operating in the heart of New York.

The two suspects were arrested in connection with a federal police investigation into an underground Chinese “police station” in New York, a structure intended to monitor and pressure dissidents, whose presence has been exposed in other Western countries, said Brooklyn federal prosecutor Breon Peace at a press conference.

In a separate investigation, 34 Chinese “Ministry of Public Security officials” face indictments for their involvement in a “cell” charged with harassing “Chinese democracy activists” and “dissidents” outside of China. Chinese borders, “including right here in New York,” added the prosecutor.

“This cell has an internet troll farm, creating thousands of fake personas online, which it uses in a coordinated plot to harass, denigrate and threaten dissidents and activists around the world. entire,” Breon Peace described.

All the suspects “would reside in China”, specified the American justice.

In a third investigation, ten other suspects, including “eight Chinese government officials” and “a former executive of an American telecommunications company who worked in China” are charged with online harassment and identification of opponents .

The company had been identified as Zoom in previous stories about the case in US media.