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Cristina Vadell has your father last updated on February 12. November 2017 seen, just before the Thanksgiving holiday. The long-time head of production of a refinery in the US state of Louisiana was asked to an urgent budget meeting. He should come to the headquarters of the parent company.

The journey of the Tomeu Vadell and five other colleagues should return, led in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. The men worked for Citgo, a company with headquarters in Houston, Texas, the refineries, Pipelines and more than 5,000 gas stations in the United States. Citgos owner is the Venezuelan state company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), it is, therefore, controlled indirectly by the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

In Caracas nobody wanted at the time with the Budget travelled discuss. They were arrested and stuck since then in the basement of a building of the military counter-intelligence service. They are accused of corruption, Maduro personally, you described television as a “traitor”. The accused – all Venezuelans, the decades in the United States had lived – reject the accusations, your case is still no judge is a member.

“My father was for the technical side, he had to do with finances, nothing,” says Cristina Vadell. The Citgo Manager were not the Only ones who were targeted by the justice. Dozens of executives from Venezuela’s oil Industry, have been arrested in the past few years. Also, the former oil Minister Nelson Martínez was among them, he died a few months ago in the prison. Shortly after the arrests, the Offices of the Citgo Manager were newly appointed: The new boss was now Asdrúbal Chávez, a cousin of Hugo Chávez, the 2013 late predecessor and political godfather, Maduros.

Who controls the Citgo group, with its billions of Dollars of business in a foreign country, is critical for makes a stop in Caracas. According to hart Nicolás handle Maduro there always, and he post-encrusted Key with his Familiar.

Now the fight is gone, however, in a new round. In January, the Venezuelan Parliament President, Juan Guaidó as the new President of the country declare ( TIME. 6/19), and he then attempted to overthrow Maduro. He enjoys the support of the United States and several of its allies, the German government has been behind Guaidó. Maduro does not want to give up his Post, however. A way to get him to exert pressure, the valuable PDVSA subsidiary Citgo.

This article dates back to the TIME no 12/2019. Here you can read the entire issue.

So the power will be fought the battle for Venezuela again in Houston, Texas. At the end of February, Citgo explained to the Supervisory Board for resolved. Authorized the had to guide the Team to the roll-over and parallel with President Juan Guaidó. In the past, Maduro-loyalty to the boss Asdrúbal Chávez learned of his dismissal shortly after he had returned with a company jet from Caracas to his workplace to the Bahamas. Why the Bahamas? Chávez was not able to run the company since the summer of 2018 and Houston, because to him, the US government had revoked the visa. He made more, but from the Caribbean.

Rick Esser, an American, who was previously Citgos Manager for Compliance and strategy, was commissioned by the new Guaidó loyal to the Supervisory Board in order to find a new CEO. This process is not yet complete. Now, efforts are made with Citgo in Houston to distance to Maduro’s people in PDVSA. “If you are Calling from Caracas, we should just hang up,” says a longtime employee, who asked to remain anonymous. An oil Painting of Simón Bolívar, the South American freedom fighter and Venezuelan folk hero, was removed from the chief days.