(Beijing) Contrary to the outcry caused in the West, the Chinese are full of praise for the “ very good ideas ” of Emmanuel Macron who calls on the European Union not to be “ follower ” of the United States on the issue from Taiwan.

The island of 23 million inhabitants is the subject of a bitter rivalry between Beijing, which claims its sovereignty over this territory which it does not control, and Washington, Taiwan’s main ally and arms supplier.

During his trip to China, the French president told the American site Politico and the business daily Les Échos that Europe should not align itself with the United States or China in the event of a conflict over Taiwan. Comments published after his return to Paris.

These comments are “obviously the fruit of long-standing observation and reflection,” said the Global Times, a daily close to Chinese power.

And to mention “ words of truth ” in an article published on Tuesday.

“Some want to build a false Europe in public opinion, and hide the real voices and interests” of Europeans, criticizes the newspaper with its often acerbic editorials.

In the event of a conflict in Taiwan, “ the worst thing would be to think that we Europeans should be followers ” and “ adapt to the American rhythm and to a Chinese overreaction ”, estimated Emmanuel Macron, pleading for “ strategic autonomy ” of the European Union.

These remarks, published Sunday when China simulated targeted bombings against Taiwan, sowed confusion in the West.

Beijing said on Wednesday “not to be surprised” by these reactions.

“Some countries do not want to see others become independent and self-sufficient,” Chinese diplomatic spokesman Wang Wenbin told reporters.

“On the contrary, these countries are always trying to submit them to their own will”, he added without specifying which country(ies) he was referring to.

Former US President Donald Trump accused Emmanuel Macron of “licking China’s ass” after his visit to Beijing, during an interview broadcast on Tuesday.

This position taken by the French Head of State “ will prove to be a brilliant decision ”, because it translates “ an opposition to a new Cold War ”, greets journalist Chen Weihua, Brussels correspondent for China Daily, an official daily. published in English.

“ Macron’s ideas are very good ”, said a user on the Weibo social network, in tune with many other comments.

“ Europe’s arrogance and its inaction for many years have led it to extreme strategic passivity in the face of the United States ”.

Emmanuel Macron was welcomed last week as a star in China, with in particular scenes of euphoria before a meeting with students in Canton (south).

The Chinese media did not fail to underline the treatment of choice of Xi Jinping towards his guest, received with all the honors.

However, it is “ unrealistic ” to think that France will side with China in the event of a conflict with the United States, warns the influential Hu Xijin, former editor-in-chief of the Global Times and herald of Chinese nationalism.

Europe and the United States “ have common values ​​and are bound by NATO ”, he wrote to his subscribers on the Weibo social network.