28.08.2022, Österreich, St. Johann In Tirol: Polizisten sind am Unglücksort im Einsatz. Nach einem Raubüberfall auf seinen Vater ist ein Sechsjähriger in der Tiroler Ache in Österreich ums Leben gekommen. Foto: Georg Köchler/Zoom Tirol/APA/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

A mentally disabled six-year-old was found dead in a river in Austria after his father was allegedly beaten unconscious and robbed by an unknown person. According to the police, the father, who is from Germany, was out and about on Sunday night in St. Johann in Tirol with his son, who was sitting in the pram, when someone apparently hit him on the head from behind with a bottle.

According to the report, the father, lying unconscious on the ground, was found by a passer-by a good hour later. His cell phone and wallet were missing, and there was no trace of the child either. After an hour-long search by the fire brigade and police, the six-year-old was finally rescued from the Kitzbüheler Ache about 600 meters downstream.