(London) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says King Charles III is deeply aligned with core Canadian priorities of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and the environment.

He made the comments during a press briefing to reporters on Sunday morning in London, the day after the king’s coronation.

Mr. Trudeau, who says he has known the British sovereign for decades, considers him committed to preserving nature.

According to the Prime Minister, when King Charles III has reached out to Indigenous peoples in recent days, he has demonstrated that he understands the problems created by British colonial history in Canada.

“It’s been a moment, yes to reflect on the history of our democracy, but also on the traditions that have animated us, but also a lot of looking to the future, whether in terms of environmental protection and combating climate change, which has always been a priority for King Charles over the past decades,” said Mr. Trudeau.

“Or, to reflect on the traditions and colonial history we have in Canada and the need to engage positively and substantively with Indigenous peoples to create better partnerships and a future based on respect and dignity. of all,” he added.

Charles’ coronation drew admirers of royalty from around the world to London on Saturday, including thousands who camped overnight along the two-kilometre route the procession traveled.

Well-wishers waved flags, donned capes, hats and crowns, and cheered every time they saw a member of the royal family passing in a motorcade.

Canadian flags were prominently displayed in the days leading up to the event, as monarchists from across the country joined in the festive atmosphere outside Buckingham Palace.

Many Canadians in the crowd praised Charles’ life of public service, his many visits to Canada and his decades-long commitment to fighting climate change

But polls suggest that a large majority of Canadians feel indifferent to Charles III, and have little or no attachment to the royal family. A feeling, which has grown since the death of Queen Elizabeth II last September. A significant percentage also think it’s time for Canada to reconsider its ties to the monarchy.

Justin Trudeau noted that Canadians have extraordinary affection for Charles’ mother, Queen Elizabeth. He said it presents a challenge for anyone taking on the role of Canada’s head of state.

“Obviously, we will have many, many years in which Canadians will come to know his approach and his deep commitment to service, which includes leadership on issues of the environment and reconciliation,” Mr. Trudeau said.

John Craig, professor of British and English history at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, said most Canadians probably don’t think much of the monarchy.

“Apart from the occasional visit from one sitting royal or another, it seems totally removed from people’s lives,” he said in a telephone interview from County County. Lincolnshire, in the east of England.

However, he also said he did not see a “genuine outpouring of interest” in changing Canada’s constitutional system, either from citizens or politicians.

Craig said there is no doubt that Charles is a “serious man”, who has worked over the years on important initiatives such as reconciliation, climate change and support for disadvantaged young people. Although he is over 70, the monarch is likely to work harder now that he has been crowned, the professor pointed out.

Whether that will endear him to Canadians remains to be seen, Craig said, echoing one of Justin Trudeau’s comments about the late Queen.

“When you take the reins of someone who has been a monarch for over 70 years, it’s a very difficult task to accomplish,” the history professor said.

The coronation of Canada’s new head of state was marked by a ceremony in Ottawa on Saturday, as well as events and viewing parties across the country.

The UK holds events throughout the weekend, including a concert at Windsor Castle on Sunday and several picnics, volunteering initiatives and smaller community events.