The Federal government has argued in the past year? That’s not true. In some points it was extremely productive. With the turn of the year a number of new laws in the labour market-, Social -, but also tax policy, the tangible improvements for Busy. We explain the Changes and what they mean.

All of the questions in the Overview: Limited the working hours to reduce
More money for low-wage jobs Changes in the social contributions burden of families the right to further developments are the Social labour market for up to 150,000 long-term unemployed
improvements in the operation of pension Only one collective agreement per business, service, wheels, and job tickets in the future, tax-free Better protection against rent increases view More the working hours Limited to reduce

Up to five years, reduce working hours, associated with the law, on a full-time return to: This makes the new law for the Bridge part-time. In the future, anyone who works in a company with at least 45 employees, and here for six months, is employed, the working hours for a certain period of time of between one and up to five years to reduce. After that, the working time is increased to the originally agreed level. However, there is one important exception: In companies, with 46 200 employees, only one in every 15. Employees Bridge part-time.

One reason for the reduction of Working hours no longer need to provide Employees in the future. Although was in the past, employers had to comply with the desire for working time reduction, however, was often demanded that the employees call for a reason, such as education of children or care of family members for the part-time.

But what of those who want to work part-time and your hours increase? Also for you, the law provides for improvements: in the future, part-time employees do not have to prove that you are suitable for a full-time job but the employer need not demonstrate that a part-time employee for a full-time position qualified.

in Addition, the law improves the planning security for Employees who have on-call work for money. Backup jobs without a contractual minimum work time in the future. If nothing is settled, apply 20 hours as normal working hours. In addition, on-call work getting in the future, the continued payment of wages in case of illness and holidays. The calculation basis is the average working hours in the last three months prior to the commencement of the incapacity for work or before the start of the holidays.

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More money for low-wage jobs

With the beginning of the year increases in the minimum wage to 9,19 euros per hour. The increase for 2020 is: Then the minimum wage is 9,35 Euro per hour. In 2020, the minimum wage is to be evaluated also, and could be increased after the proposal of the Minister of Finance and trade unions, once strong. In conversation 12 Euro.

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Changes in social security contributions

The contribution to the unemployment insurance is reduced from 3 to 2.5 percent of gross income – the contribution rate for nursing care insurance by 0.5 points rising to 3.05 percent. Children will have to pay 3.3 per cent. At the same time, the parity in the health insurance: employers must pay half of the total contribution. That means that you must also participate in the additional contributions that were previously worn by the workers and Arbeitnehmnern alone. Workers and pensioners, thus saving 6.9 billion euros a year.

in addition, the contribution assessment ceiling in the statutory health and nursing care insurance, up to the contributions due, as every year, raised: in the Future, it is 4537,50 Euro in the month. In the pension and unemployment insurance, this content increases the threshold of 6,500 to 6,700 euros in the West and from 5.800 to 6.150 Euro in the East. The displacement of the boundaries ensures that high earners to Deposit slightly more in the social systems.

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relieve the burden of families

the key elements of The income tax tariff to be adjusted, the impact of cold Progression mitigate the growth in part to eating. Families can look forward, therefore, with great probability on a tax refund. In addition, the basic allowance from 1. January 2019 to 168 Euro 9,000 Euro to 9.168 Euro, and from 1. January 2020 with a further 240 euros raised. In addition, the children increased the amount of 7.428 on 7.620 euros. Even the children’s money is rising from July to ten euros. Who pays maintenance and gets in the future a higher tax-free amount.

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the right to further developments

in the Future, all workers have the Link inside and the workers have a right to be involved in further developments of the work, the Agency promoted. This is mainly designed for people whose Jobs are threatened by digitalization. Also, people who get aufstockend Hartz-IV-services, should receive training to promote. They were previously exempt.

The offer to the training is aimed at Employees whose professional qualification is at least four years and have taken in the last four years, in the absence of publicly funded training. You must take at least four weeks and outside of the company. For the cost of the company and Federal Agency come to work together.

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Social labour market for up to 150,000 long-it is time to give the unemployed

For long-term unemployed, 2019-funded Jobs. For five years, employers receive money from the state, if you set people had no work. In the first two years, the wage costs are covered in full, then the grant is reduced each year by ten percentage points. Condition is that the long-term unemployed older than 25 years and within seven years for at least six years of Hartz IV. In the job centers appropriate programs to run as of Thursday.

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Improvingin the operation of pension

The right to a company pension, there are, however, companies had to pay so far nothing. Instead, a part of the gross salary is converted into a form of investment put. For a company that was financially attractive, because you saved wage costs. In the future, it is a thing of the past: the Case of new contracts for deferred compensation for the construction of a permanent pension, the savings, social insurance contributions, to a maximum of 15 percent must be forwarded, in favor of the employees, to the pension institution (pension Fund, pension funds or direct insurance). Already agreed a fee conversions, this obligation shall apply as from 2022. In addition, the occupational pension scheme by a new EU Directive is protected from the risks on the capital market.

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Only one collective agreement per operation

In the company, in which two unions are represented, and different collective contracts were concluded, regulates the so-called bargaining unit law in the future, that only the contract is valid, the trade Union with the most members in the operation has completed.

An important exception: In some industries, it is possible that a group of Employees of the majority trade Union is not represented or that their interests were not taken into account seriously. It is for this group a more favourable collective agreement, another trade Union, this must be applied.

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service wheels and job tickets are in the future, tax-free

the model of his company Bicycle is likely to experience 2019, the Bicycle industry a boost. Previously, Employees who received a bike had to use it privately, this values is taxable as a benefit. In the future, the Monk is tax-free.

For financing, there are several possibilities: Eind company can buy the wheels and the employees as a company car or just Leasing a new bike. Then the Employed Finance on a monthly Rate from the gross salary of the Leasing. The company save in this way, non-wage labour costs and employees the wheel to get something cheaper than if you would buy it as a consumer.

the job ticket and other contributions of the employer for the use of public transport will in future be tax-free. So far, the tax-free threshold of € 44 per month, with complicated rules applied when such in-kind benefits are taxed as imputed income.

Tax relief, there is also the official car, however, only in the case of electric and hybrid vehicles. Instead of a percentage you will be taxed in the future, with 0.5 percent. Employers should have an incentive to use their company car to convert fleet to more sustainable models.

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Better protection against rent increases

the tenant will be protected from January better before the cost jumps. So the rent may not be increased after modernisation in the future, within six years, only a maximum of three euros per square meter, in certain cases, only two Euro. Of the cost instead of eleven percent, eight percent can be passed on to the tenant. In addition, Landlords must provide new tenants what they paid the previous tenants. At the same time, there will be fines for landlords as well as compensation for affected tenants. The Federal Council had agreed to the tightening of the rental price brake in the middle of December.

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