After the CDU party conference, according to the current RTL/ntv trend barometer, the Union gained one percentage point and improved slightly to 32 percent. However, when it comes to the chancellor duel, things are looking bad for CDU leader Friedrich Merz.

The Greens (13 percent) and the BSW (5 percent) also improved by one percentage point each. The FDP (5 percent) and the other splinter parties (11 percent) each performed slightly worse than in the previous week. The values ​​for the SPD (16 percent), the AfD (15 percent) and the Left (3 percent) remain unchanged.

The percentage points at a glance:

In the coming federal election, there is likely to be another chancellor duel between the incumbent chancellor and the candidate from the leading opposition party.

For the current “RTL/ntv” trend barometer, respondents were therefore asked to indicate who they would choose in a hypothetical direct election of the Federal Chancellor in such a “duel”: for the incumbent Chancellor Olaf Scholz or for one of the three potential candidates for Chancellor the CDU/CSU.

In the Scholz and Merz alternative, despite the rather negative assessment of the incumbent Chancellor’s work to date, more eligible voters (32%) would choose Olaf Scholz than Friedrich Merz (29%). In the duel between Scholz and Hendrik Wüst it would currently be a draw (28% each). In the duel between Söder and Scholz, 36 percent would choose the CDU candidate and 30 percent would choose Scholz.