The Japan-imprisoned Manager, Carlos Ghosn steps down as CEO of Renault. The car company had received a letter of resignation from Ghosn said the French Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, on the sidelines of the world economic summit in Davos. Accordingly, the Board of Directors will decide on Thursday on a successor Ghosns.

In the case of Renault it is going to be a double top. The shops should lead Ghosns current Deputy Thierry Bolloré; the Board of Directors, the current head of the tyre manufacturer Michelin Jean-Dominique Senard to route. Le Maire had already asked several times in a quick succession for Ghosn. The French state is the major shareholder in Renault, he holds 15 percent of the shares.

Ghosn was on 19. November in Tokyo and because of the violation of Japanese stock market conditions and later charged. In addition, he is supposed to have according to prosecutors, private investment losses on the Nissan transfer. In court, the executives had protested his innocence. Up to a process might be months.

Since Ghosn has been arrested, the auto Alliance of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi big problems. The Manager was the driving force behind the Alliance. In the case of Nissan and Mitsubishi Ghosn was due to the financial scandal earlier in his Offices removed.