The French car company Renault to build provisionally its top. Deputy Director-General Thierry Bolloré takes over on a transitional basis, the management of the company. The actual boss, Carlos Ghosn, was arrested on Monday in Japan. Because Ghosn is currently “prevented”, take Bolloré temporarily the duties and receive the same powers, informed the Board of Directors. The French government had earlier called for a rapid detachment of Ghosn. The French state holds a 15 percent stake in Renault.

Background of Ghosns arrest embezzlement allegations. The Renault allies car manufacturer Nissan accuses the 64-Year-old, his income in Japan, veiled, and to have on the company enriched. The internal investigation, according to Ghosn and another Manager to your money references in official Reports to the Japanese stock market is wrong and in Ghosns case low have estimated. The media had reported that Ghosn had indicated since 2011, over a period of five years, a total of 5 billion Yen (40 million Euro) – income too little.

Nissan, Ghosn should also have commercial property used for private purposes. Japanese media reported, a Nissan subsidiary, bought for Ghosn luxury apartments in four countries, through which the Manager could have. According to the broadcaster NHK stroke Ghosn money that had been paid on behalf of other Manager.

France’s economic and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire called for rapid Action, because the current situation is the weakness of the global car Alliance and Renault. Paris does not run but the formal replacement of the top Manager: “We have no evidence. We are in a state of law.” With a view to the tax position of Ghosn in France, the Minister said that no specifics had been determined.

The Brazilian-born Ghosn, who also has Lebanese and French citizenship, is at Nissan is currently Chairman and at Renault in France, the Chairman of the Board. He also leads the joint far-reaching Alliance between the two carmakers, which are involved in cross to each other. At Nissan, Ghosn has long been regarded as a Savior. After the entry of Renault in the car maker in 1999, he made before the Bankruptcy of the group is profitable again.