In Japan have taken the investigators to the head of the car Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. Carlos Ghosn is accused of having against Japanese financial laws. The number of Japanese media unanimously reported. Ghosn had been questioned by the prosecutors to the suspicion, to have the equivalent of millions of euros of income not declared. The survey had asked Ghosn voluntarily, reported the Japanese newspaper Asahi.

Previously, the company had announced Nissan, the top managers had indicated to the authorities his own income as significantly too low. The result was an internal investigation. As the Japanese news Agency Kyodo reported to Ghosn about five years, a total of 5 billion Yen (40 million euros) to little given.

Ghosn is also suspected to have the company of assets misappropriated. As Nissan announced that the company was by the notes of a whistle-blower on the alleged violations to the attention of.

Nissan spoke of serious misconduct of the Manager and want to quit. The chief Executive officer Hiroto Saikawa will propose to the Supervisory Board, the company said. In addition, the company apologized to shareholders.

Renault shares fell connected to 14 percent

Nissan with French auto manufacturer Renault and the Japanese company Mitsubishi in a Alliance. Together, they sell, with a total of 10.6 million vehicles per year, more passenger cars and light commercial vehicles as the Volkswagen group.

Ghosn took over in 1999, the line at Nissan, to lead the indebted group out of the crisis. After that, he gave up the Post of CEO, but remained Chairman. In 2005, he had also taken over the management of Renault. His contract as Renault boss was only in February to four years of extended. In addition, Ghosn is since 2016 Chairman of the Board of Mitsubishi.

With the accusations, the Alliance is now in a serious crisis. On the French stock market effects of news show After learning of the allegations, the share of the French car manufacturer Renault plunged temporarily by 14 percent. In Japan, listed on the title of Nissan broke on the trading platform tradegate in the meantime, to 16 percent.