In the latest episode “Cardi Tries”, the award-winning rapper will be in the kitchen.

Cardi B is a star in the music industry and is ready to take up the challenge of the kitchen.

The American Music Award winner tackled her fear of making a complete Thanksgiving meal in the most recent episode of “Cardi Tries.”

Cardi B. said, “I feel like you just have to have the pressure on your shoulders that the Thanksgiving one has to be done is scary.”

It was a daunting task she accepted, but it was something she did. The “Up” rapper, who is 29 years old, teamed up with Ciara and chef Kwame onwuachi to tackle the huge task.

“We work a lot. Ciara stated that time can get a bit complicated when you’re trying to cook and all the other things.

Onwuachi, a former competitor in “Top Chef”, was able to provide a safe environment for the musicians. He has also cooked for Jay-Z, Beyonce, and President Barack Obama.

Cardi B stated that she was feeling anxious and couldn’t cook. Onwuachi assured her that there was nothing to fear.  Kwame’s Kitchen is stress-free.

The trio quickly got to work and began preparing a delicious dinner full of American and Caribbean flavors. They had both Ciara and Cardi B’s favourite Thanksgiving dishes, turkey (of course!). Mac and cheese.

Onuwachi taught them how to make a fried turkey, rice, peas, coconut milk, and truffle mac and cheese. For dessert, they made purple potato ice cream, special cakes, and Ciara decorated them just for the occasion.

Onwuachi challenged the artists to a friendly game “this or else” while they were in the kitchen. Ciara and Cardi B were asked to respond to hilarious questions and to eat chitlins or pig’s feet if the answers weren’t forthcoming.

After all the festive dishes had been prepared, everyone gathered around the dinner table to watch Cardi B carve the turkey.

Cardi B felt more confident after her cooking lesson.

“I don’t think I want to wear the Thanksgiving dinner hat but I feel like I could enjoy a Sunday dinner.”