the preparations for The launch of the controversial toll for Cars in Germany. The two operating companies are: The contract to a consortium receives from the Austrian toll system provider Kapsch TrafficCom and the German concert promoter and ticket seller, CTS Eventim, according to the Ministry of transport. The volume of the contract over the minimum contract term of twelve years, at just under two billion euros, according to the company. The contract for toll checks had been received in October, also Kapsch.

The Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) said: “The technical and organisational implementation, and the structure of the systems can now start concretely.” He said: “The toll for Cars is coming in this legislature.”

The toll is to be levied on Federal roads and highways. It is a prestige project of the CSU in the Grand coalition. Domestic motorists are to be relieved in return for toll payments by means of a lower Vehicle tax. Drivers from abroad should pay only on motorways. After deduction of the cost of the toll is to bring a good 500 million euros per year for investments. At the output, and the legality of the toll, however, there is still a doubt.

Austria and Germany before the European court of justice (ECJ) has sued. Also, the Netherlands wanted to participate in the lawsuit. From the point of view of the government in Vienna, the German Car toll against the EU is in breach of law. Drivers would be discriminated against inter alia on grounds of nationality, argue the plaintiffs (case C 591/17). The Ministry of transport, in contrast, believes the toll is in conformity with European law. A judgment is expected to fall in the middle of next year.

As the operating company for a joint venture of the two companies is provided, in which both partners each hold 50 percent of the shares, informed the Ministry of transport. The final award by the Federal government after a ten – day information and obliged to Wait, in the losing bidder legal protection could take.

one of the tasks of the operating company, according to the Ministry, for example, to develop an App and a website and operate. Holder of foreign-registered vehicles are there. In addition to the construction and operation of imprest accounts, where the toll manually can be booked.