The people in the UK have bought in 2018, almost seven percent fewer cars. The demand on the car market dropped so sharply since the financial crisis, preliminary data from the automobile Association SMMT. The demand fell, according to the Figures, to 2.37 million vehicles. A stronger rate of decline was most recently in 2008 with a Minus of 11.3 percent.

the reason for the sales decline are a fall in the demand for diesel, more stringent emissions regulations and the uncertainty of the consumer because of the ambiguity of the Brexit. The demand for diesel vehicles has declined, according to the data of almost 30 percent.

The Association warned of the consequences of withdrawal from the EU by the end of March. “Everyone noticed that the Brexit is an existential threat to the British car industry, and we hope that a workable solution,” said the SMMT-Chairman Mike Hawes. In the British car industry around 850,000 people work.

British companies have warned in the past of the consequences of leaving the EU. In December, appealed to business leaders in the UK, in a Letter to the government, to a disordered Brexit avert. For a regulated EU must agree to exit the British Parliament nor the Brexit Plan of the British Prime Minister, Theresa May. May had to be postponed the vote in December in the short term, after a clear defeat, for their Deal had been signed. As a new appointment, the government had the week from 14. January.