the profits of The car manufacturer Daimler are decreased in the past year. The result of the company decreased by 29 percent to 7.25 billion euros, the group said. The profitability of the passenger Car division, had suffered from 2018 under the trade dispute between the United States and China and the delivery stops for each of the diesel models.

“it can, and we don’t want to be satisfied,” said the outgoing CEO Dieter Zetsche. The companies have therefore begun “to develop comprehensive counter-measures”. How exactly should they look like, let Zetsche open first. A reduction is planned, a spokesman said.

last year, Daimler had announced that, owing to the high development investments in the passenger Car division in 2021, four billion euros to save costs. Background among other things, the high level of investment in new electric models. In this year the first car of the new brand EQC comes on the market.

The proceeds could increase Daimler’s mainly thanks to the last saved cars up two percent to 167,36 billion euros. The earnings before interest and taxes (Ebit) decreased by 22 percent to 11.1 billion euros.

Daimler is cutting premiums for Employees

The dividend has been reduced due to the drop in profits by 40 cents to 3.25 euros per share. The 130,000-Tariff employees in Germany will receive this Time a smaller Bonus of 4.965 Euro 5.700 Euro in 2018.

2019 Daimler expects, however, that in addition to sales and revenue, the operating profit increased slightly. In the all-important return on sales in the passenger Car division, which indicates the percentage of operating profit on sales, attributed to Daimler, with values between six and eight percent.