The Volkswagen group has achieved despite the costs associated with the diesel scandal in the past year, more profit. Overall, he is in 2018, after-tax of 12.1 billion euros, an increase of about six percent. This is evident from the current annual report.

“We have beaten us, despite the strong headwinds,” said VW group boss Herbert Diess. The group’s brands had worked hard on its development. In the world of business were delivered in a report, according to 10.8 million vehicles to customers – an increase of 0.9 percent and a new record value. Sales rose by EUR 6.3 billion to 235,8 billion euros.

The “negative special factors” in connection with the diesel crisis, amounted, according to the group’s EUR 3.2 billion. Reason for this is mainly the introduction of the new emission and fuel – consumption tests WLTP. As a result, the Volkswagen group could not offer many models over a longer period of time. In addition, higher discounts had cost, the so-called environmental bonus for the replacement of old diesel cars, exchange-rate effects and intermediate consumption for new electric models of money.

VW missed their own target return

The core VW brand increased sales because of better sales by 6.8 percent to 84.6 billion Euro increase. The percentage of operating profit on turnover decreased from 4.2 to 3.8 percent. Thus, the brand missed the self-imposed rate of return target of four percent.

The sports car manufacturer Porsche has increased its sales by 9.2 percent to 23.7 billion Euro, the operating result rose by 2.7 percent to EUR 4.1 billion. The daughter of the Audi brand was on sales: It decreased slightly to 59.2 billion Euro, the operating result before special items fell from € 5.1 billion to 4.7 billion. Also in the case of the subsidiary Škoda WLTP weighed on the result.

Volkswagen also announced that within ten years, 22 million battery-powered vehicles to build. This is seven million more than planned. Also, the number of announced E-models increases from 50 to almost 70. VW wants to put it at the top of the suppliers of electric vehicles, and by 2050 CO2-neutral.

Last week, the Handelsblatt had reported that group chief Diess was about 5,000 job cuts at Volkswagen of billion. Not expressed concrete actions of the CEO thus far. As from the current business report, received This even in the past year, a total of 8.5 million euros. Therein salary, variable remuneration and long-term bonuses, the pension claims are in addition to the feast.

Diess had replaced in April of last year, the former Volkswagen boss, Matthias Müller, and leads the wolf Burger group since then, together with the brand group VW. Overall, the management Board’s remuneration increased in Volkswagen last year to 50.3 million euros.