US President Donald Trump has practiced in an Interview, criticized the leadership of General Motors. The Management of the largest US-American car manufacturer had announced, and to close, among other things, a location in the state of Ohio. The Wall Street Journal, Trump said: “you should open up damn quickly with a new factory.” He led on Sunday an interview with Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors,. In it, he told Barra that she had “a Problem”, you should keep the plant permanently closed.

in addition, have asked the President to stop car production in China. Before the round-up of journalists Trump said in Washington that the US had done a lot for General Motors and was able to put huge pressure on the group exercise. The response from Barra, the reductions would be caused to pay by falling sales, have a Trump to his own statement, to bring a car on the market that sell well.

United States – General Motors will cut thousands of Bodies, The US car manufacturer GM is planning to close five factories and to delete approximately 14,000. Background of the savings, among other things, lower sales figures. © Photo: Reuters TV

General Motors, whose headquarters is in Detroit in the U.S. state of Michigan, is planning the production in the United States to reduce. The car maker had announced to close to dismissed personnel, and Production. As reasons for this decision were the declining sales of passenger Cars in the United States and increased material costs. In addition, special duties on steel imposed by the US government, led to higher prices for primary products for the car manufacturing.

Barra justified the job cuts with the need to changing market conditions. General Motors needs to invest more in the Expansion of electric mobility. They wanted to position “the company for long-term success”. General Motors will discontinue the production, sale, low models.

15 per cent of the staff are to

The number of employees in the U.S. and Canada is expected to be reduced by 15 per cent: A quarter of the job cuts management positions is concerned. The Reports from American media suggest that the removal could affect 10,000 to 15,000 employees. Some of the employees were last seen severance offers. Whether these employees are included in the estimate, remained unclear.

the aim of the cuts, it is for General Motors to reduce the cost by 2020 to 4,5 billion dollars. In the short term, but may incur termination-related severance payments of up to $ 3.8 billion. The profit of the group amounted in the last quarter, about $ 2.5 billion.