A politician from the Sahra Wagenknecht alliance (BSW) planned to appear at an ultra-right fraternity. Now he has canceled his visit at short notice.

The politician Michael von der Schulenburg, a candidate of the “Alliance Sahra Wagenknecht” (BSW) for the European elections, had originally planned to speak to the ultra-right fraternity “Germania” in Giessen on May 22, reports “Der Spiegel”.

However,schulenburg’s planned appearance at the event “The EU between rearmament and diplomacy” did not take place. After an inquiry from “Spiegel”,schulenburg canceled the appointment.

According to statements from the BSW,schulenburg originally agreed to the appearance “in ignorance of the ideological orientation” of the “Germania” fraternity. When this became known to him, he withdrew his commitment, the magazine reports. The 75-year-old ex-UN diplomatschulenburg is running as a non-party in third place on the BSW list for the EU elections.

The Germania fraternity is known for its extreme positions and the criticism that the ex-left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht does not differentiate herself clearly enough from right-wing groups and issues is not new. In the past, the right-wing “WerteUnion” and the AfD have repeatedly been shown to have close ties to the ultra-right fraternity.

After the party was founded, a large part of the BSW emerged from the party “Die Linke”, which positions itself against right-wing groups. The left-wing deputy Katina Schubert expressed criticism of the planned appearance byschulenburg, as “Der Spiegel” reports, and claimed that the “Alliance Sahra Wagenknecht” was apparently trying to make a pact with the right: “They discovered early on that the BSW is not a left-wing party made clear. Now it shows how open the flank is to the far right.”

According to a current survey by “Forsa” and the “Elections Research Group”, if there were a federal election next Sunday, the “Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance” would already receive five percent of the vote – and could therefore enter parliament in its first election.

With its approval ratings, it not only overtakes the Left, which would be kicked out of the Bundestag according to current surveys, but is therefore on a par with the governing party FDP, which would only just make it into parliament.

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