Because the Listeria bacterium was found in cheese products, a manufacturer is now recalling the items. Consumption can even be life-threatening for certain people.

Hofkäserei Belrieth GmbH has launched an urgent recall campaign for some of its cheese products that could be contaminated with the dangerous Listeria bacteria. This measure was taken because the affected cheese poses a high health risk. Product warning therefore warns against consuming the products mentioned.

The main problem is that not all affected products can be clearly identified. The bacterium Listeria was detected during a routine self-check. Symptoms of listeriosis that can be caused by this bacteria include nausea, vomiting, fever, or flu-like symptoms. The incubation period for this disease can be up to seven weeks, and it should be noted that it is often asymptomatic in healthy people.

However, special caution is required as certain groups of people are at higher risk. Although pregnant women may have no symptoms, Listeria infection can lead to serious complications such as premature birth, fetal harm or death. The risk is also increased in small children and people with weakened immune systems. In the worst case, listeria can lead to serious illnesses such as blood poisoning or meningitis, which can be treated but are still life-threatening.

The affected cheese products can be identified by batch number 26032024. However, some of these products are counter product, meaning that neither the batch number nor the manufacturer can be clearly identified. It is known that the products mentioned were sold in various retail chains nationwide.

Here are the affected products and their best before dates:

It is strongly recommended not to consume these products. Instead, it is best to return them to the place of purchase.

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