Cecilia Albrecht, the widow of Aldi co-founder Theo Albrecht is dead. She was 91 years old. She had been buried in the closest family circle, beige, said a spokesman for Aldi Nord.

Cäcilies husband Theo Albrecht was 1946 together with his brother Karl in the family grocery store in the food taken, and from this, one of the world’s most successful discounters-companies created. Theo died in 2010, his brother Karl 2014.

The family Albrecht is considered to be extremely secretive. Of the Aldi-brothers, there was only a blurred random photo. In the Newspapers, the family showed up, usually only when the annual lists of the wealthiest people in Germany have been published, for many years, the billionaires Karl and Theo Albrecht were on the top.

Cecilia Albrecht lived completely withdrawn, but had played up to her death, a significant role in the company. She sat on the Board of the St. mark Foundation, in the, 61 percent of the shares of the Aldi Nord Empire were United.

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