Echo Awards - Arrivals - Berlin NEWS: Rapper Bushido und seine Frau Anna Maria sind glückliche Eltern von Zwillingen geworden, twittert der stolze Vater! G estern brachte seine Frau einen gesunden Junden und ein gesundes Mädchen zur Welt. Bushido and Anna Maria Lagerblom attending 21th ECHO Awards at Palais am Funkturm. Berlin, 22.03.2011. Echo Awards Arrivals Berlin News Rapper Bushido and his Woman Anna Mary are Happy Parents from Twins become Twittert the Proud Father G Esters brought his Woman a healthy and a Healthy Girl to World Bushido and Anna Mary Lagerblom attending 21th Echo Awards AT Palais at Radio tower Berlin 22 03 2011

Anna-Maria Ferchichi, wife of rapper Bushido, has shared some impressions of her extended family’s new everyday life. “Darlings, you know we’ve moved. We had a lot of stress now,” says the 40-year-old in one of several Instagram videos that she published on Sunday.

There have been media reports for some time that the family is said to have moved to the Emirate of Dubai. So far, there has been no official statement on request.

The family first had to get used to their new home, Anna-Maria continues, without going into specifics about the location. “The weather is much warmer, you can’t go out that much and just have to stay inside more.”

They have already found a good rhythm, even if the new house is “far from finished”.

The videos show, among other things, a pool and a large, unfurnished hallway with several strollers. Ferchichi also reported that the older children are about to start their first day at their new school. “I’ll show you more at some point, too.”

Rapper Bushido, whose real name is Anis Mohamed Ferchichi, and his wife have seven children together. Anna-Maria also has a son from her first marriage.