The real estate prices are on the rise, according to the Bundesbank, also on the Land is becoming clearer and clearer. In many Parts of Germany houses and apartments have risen in the past year, says the monthly report of the Central Bank. The price level for real estate in the cities is already very high. Since fit it into the picture that the living room have shifted demand, partly on the surrounding area.

The Bundesbank, warns that Long-ago, exaggerated real estate prices in German cities. Living room rose last year by more than eight percent. In Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart, the prices rose by more than nine per cent. In the seven cities, the prices are according to the Bundesbank between 15 and 30 percent above the adequate level.

The rent increases in the cities were in 2018, according to the Bundesbank is not quite as strong as in previous years. In the case of new Contracts, the increase of 3.75 per cent was significantly below the Rate of 2017. At the time of the increase in fraud, according to the Bundesbank 7.25 percent. Also in the metropolises of the growth had been four percent, much weaker. The new contracts in 2017 rents there by 9.25 percent, a peak of the current rise in the price.